Release for the publication of Photos and Videos

With reference to the images (photos and videos) taken for Anihma’s social campaign

With this:
Advance srl, as the only company that owns the ANIHMA®️ brand, sends the influencers one or more products from the ANIHMA®️ collections free of charge. Influencers undertake to promote ANIHMA®️ products through social networks and not to resell them to third parties.
Free of charge, without time limits, also pursuant to art. 10 and 320 of the Italian Civil Code. and of the articles 96 and 97 law 22.4.1941, n. 633, Law on copyright: the publication and / or dissemination in any form of their images on the website and social networks of the Advance s.r.l. - Anihma®️ - on printed paper and / or any other means of dissemination, as well as authorizing the conservation of the photos and videos themselves in the computer archives of Advance s.r.l. - Anihma®️ and acknowledges that the purpose of these publications is of an informative and promotional nature.